For this project I was tasked to create a manifesto on the six perfect rules of type. To go alongside this I created a poster to support my chosen manifesto.                                                                                               
Based on the book by Peter Felton I had to decide between type heaven and type hell. I chose type heaven because I feel type should be structured and well presented, which influenced my six rules.                                         
Six is known as the perfect number and Braille is formed using six dots within one letter and number. For my poster idea I used three of my main rules, and created a screen print of them using Snowdon paper, which I embossed the number 6 on, so it was raised to represent braille throughout my idea.                                                                                                                                
For my manifesto I kept to a simple design to suit my overall idea. I created a folder which included my slideout cards which you are able to take out and look at. To hold my manifesto together I created a sticker, which has my title and design to represent my whole idea.
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