The Penguin Design Award brief this year was to re-create the cover for Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman. After looking at a variety of covers designed already, I wanted to create something unique and different to what has already been produced. The storyline was based on two characters who were in love throughout the book which made me focus on a quote "all our lives criss-crossing but never really touching". This led me to my final design idea which was to show how they were together throughout the book but by the end they started to separate from each other. This has been shown through pattern design of the a cross and a nought on the front cover and spine and when you get to the back cover the pattern starts to separate across the page. To add a different effect towards my cover I wanted to show the idea behind black and white through the use of typography as well as print. To show this I embossed the word Noughts as well as adding two symbols within the title.          

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