For this project we had to produce three starter packs that were about traditional British games of our choice. The requirements we had to produce were a poster design relating it to the games, history about the game, and the rules of the game. The games that I have based my work around are Hopscotch, Marbles and Skipping.
The background behind my idea was to create three patterns that represent each game using the movements that they make. To go along side this the colour choice linked into the games as well in addition to the history behind each one being included in the rules. The target audience that I have based my work for is 7+ which ties in with the materials that I have used as well as the artwork I have created.
One of the key features that I have focused on is type, which is mostly what my project is about. Using the pattern that I have created for each game I have applied to the words that describe the game itself (Hop, Skip, Roll). Through these pieces of work I have kept with using bright colours and shown the use of corresponding colours with primary colours which make the design standout and fun for children to look at. For my packaging design I used a perforated opening to the game inside.
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